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Brain & Women's health 



Quick background -

  • Management consultant in M&A (mergers and acquisitions) for 8 years. High stress, high fun which led to serious burn out leading to  stomach ulcer.

  • I left on a sabbatical for 6 months to apprentice at an Ayurvedic Hospital, Vaidyagrama, in India.

  • After coming back, I started a Health and Wellness Initiative at my former company to help our employees. This initiative has now become a national one! 

  • Ultimately, I left to get my masters in Neuroscience at University College of London. Whilst studying the brain, I ironically "broke" my brain by suffering a severe traumatic brain injury.  

  • This concussion in 2018 caused chronic pain for 14+ months of amnesia, headaches, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, electro hypersensitivity, and horrible quality of life.


  • I saw 15 doctors in 4 countries and finally decided to take the learnings from my neuroscience course to myself. I started healing myself and tuning into what my health data was showing me and what my intuition was telling me! 

  • In 2019, after healing many of her immediate pains via natural hacks, I turned to bring this information to others by being organizing Europe’s largest alternative and preventative health conference.

  • I saw that a gap existed in the health world surrounding women-specific health topics, therefore went on to create WhealthCo, an online global community focused on evidence based science for women.

  • The online forum bridges together doctors, researchers, healers and ‘laywomen’ to focus specifically on knowledge sharing about women’s health issues. Each week the forum has guest doctors and researchers provide answers to members’ questions.

I  believes that health is best achieved when a person is informed about their options and that this is possible only through connecting together and learning from each other. A problem is solved much quicker when there are diverse perspectives looking at it from multiple angles.

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I also write my experiements and blogs on Medium. 


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